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we had our projects online meeting on the 16th of April at 19.00 CET

 communication strategy should be conceived at the project planning stages,so the key is its influence on the success of the project.We could consider communication methods  to be either ACTIVE or  PASSIVE:
-Active communication methods  are :face to face meetings,video conferences,skype and hangouts  meetings,webinars,presentation based activities.
-Passive communication methods  are web cast,email,blogs,website,etwinning platform,slideshare,
We should always ensure that we mix active and passive methods of communicationto complement each other,this should be considered as part of the overall project management communication strategy.
The main activities for preparing  will be :

1-We organized meetings in each partner school to introduce the project  to the staff,the school administrators ,the students and the parents)

2-We  included the project on each partner school’s strategic plan.

3--An erasmus commission is already  formed in each partner school under the responsibility of :
C.Republic:  Czech Republic: Miluška Karásková(headteacher), MIlada Podalová (English teacher), Helena Kovaříková (English teacher),Jitka Březková (parent) Adam Sundermann(student)
Greece: Greek team:Tastsidis Panagiotis(headmaster),Mazneikou Ekaterini(English teacher),Moshidou Fotini(English teacher),Siarenou Nikolina(teacher),Konstandina Emoglou(student),Kristalia Karamanlaki(parent-physical education teacher in our school)
Poland:  Poland: Jolanta Mistrzak (headtecher), Edyta Włodarczyk (English teacher), Barbara Sobczak (English teacher), Dorota Szymczak (parent), Anna Skawińska (teacher), Ewa Sowińska(student)

Italy:: FORTUNATO RICCO : (head teacher ) ,GIUSEPPE MANZO (english teacher  and assistant   head teacher ), Claudia D'arienzo,
(science teacher), MARIELLA SCELZA : (parent)  ,GIULIA DE SARLO : student

Romania: Romanian team: Cornelia Pruna(Headteacher), Cristina Nicolaita (Educational counselor), Gheorghita Grigore( European projects responsible), Aurel Boruz(English teacher), Ovidiu Balaican(student), Anca Popa(parent-history teacher in our school)

Spain: Maria del Mar Carrasco (headmistress), Laura Salazar (Deputy head teacher), Eva García (English teacher), Pepi Flores (English teacher), Ágata Cotilla (English teacher), Amparo González (English Pre-primary teacher), Iván Repiso (student), Inmaculada de los Santos (parent)

Turkey:Gülsün Karabıyık(head teacher,Seçil Okyay (vise president)Esen Sandıraz(English teacher), Umut Erdoğan( ICT teacher /technician)Katherina Boyan(student)

4-we created an etwinning project  named ‘’it’s time to get healthy’’ which has same topic  with our erasmus project  and started to work successfully.

5--We  created a blog to collect all of the products and it has more than 3000 visitors right now.

6-We formed a closed group for partner teachers and started to share our ideas,activities and project plans.
Closed facebook group :
open for everybody facebook group:

7--We created a twitter account and started to use it to disseminate our project.

8-A survey is  prepared in English and it is translated  into partner countries ‘languages.And it is implemented in all partner schools.
 9-All the partners will be aware of the financial situation.An agenda will be sent out to each partner country which will detail  the specific activities and projects costs for the first visit,along with a timetable for  the duration of the project.This will show when the  visits are planned for and what evaluation activities will need to take place ,and will be  agreed upon by all participants.
10-We already created a Project poster,a logo, a slogan and a trailer and  have started  to promote the project to the community
10-Each partner school will organize skype lessons, seminers ,workshops and self- education meetings about healthy lifestyles and healthy food habits.
10- We started to organize seminers,workshops and info days in all the partner schools.Here are they:
11-We  organized project  preparation meetings to discuss,to  share and to decide about the activities.Film making expert Nikos Theodosakis joined our last meeting and  advised us  how to make films at schools.

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